Fleece Salty Tubes

Artist drawn, hand sewn, adventurer approved.

Wear your versatile fleece-lined Salty Tube as a face protector, neck warmer, or as a colorful accessory on cold night out on the town. Cozy and practical, just how we like it. Don't fret the storm, we've got you covered.

We like wearing these warm and cozy Fleece Salty Tubes when we're hitting the slopes, hiking, climbing, traveling, on boats, in the wind, on brisk runs, and chatting to friends around the bonfire. Who doesn't love fresh prints and fun colors?

Buying this product supports artists who drew the awesome designs, the sewing team in California, and small business owners. We are ocean enthusiasts here at Salty, so 10% of profit goes to marine conservation programs.  

Stay curious, and STAY SALTY!

Product details: Laid flat: roughly 10 inches X 10 inches. lightweight, moisture-wicking polyester microfiber outside. Polartec recycled fleece inside. Machine wash cold, hang dry.



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