Handmade Salty tubes!

Handmade Salty tubes!

We are very proud of our original hand made Salty tubes, we worked hard cutting and sewing our original line of salty tubes with a huge array of designs!

Wear it as a neck warmer, face protector, etc, or even just as a flash of color on your night out with friends. 

We like wearing our Salty Tubes when we're hitting the slopes, hiking, climbing, traveling, on boats, in the wind, on brisk runs, and while sipping our favorite IPAs. Who doesn't love fresh prints and fun colors? 

Buying this product supports artists who drew the awesome designs, people in eastern Oregon who cut and sewed them by hand, AND 10% of the profit will go to marine conservation programs (we are ocean enthusiasts here at Salty!). 

Stay curious, and STAY SALTY!



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